Attract More Technicians — Figure Out What Makes Your Shop Better Than the Rest

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Webinar Description

Oftentimes when shops are recruiting technicians they describe their shop with generic sayings like, “We offer competitive pay and benefits.” Although that is important information, it does not make the shop unique and stand out to technicians.

Shops all over the country are hiring and in order to stand out from competitors and attract technicians, shops must figure out what is unique about their shop and promote it!

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Why shops need to think about recruiting differently in today’s market
  • The step-by-step process on how shops can identify what makes them unique and attractive to technicians
  • How shops can promote their shop to attract more applicants 



Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay

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We’ve included the resources you need to determine what truly makes your shop a great place for technicians to work. 

  • Surveying Your Technicians — Document outlining tips for surveying your technicians, free survey tools, and questions to include in your survey. 
  • Competitive Analysis — Chart that you can fill out to easily compare your shop to your competitors. 
  • Assessing Your Shop — List of questions to answer to help you assess why technicians should want to work at your shop.
  • SWOT Analysis — Worksheet to help you identify your shop’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

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