How Top Shops Structure Technician Mentorship Programs

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Event Description

There is no denying that companies with mentorship programs have a more confident, engaged, and better-trained workforce—leading to overall more productive and profitable businesses.

Within the auto, diesel, and collision industries, we know the first couple of years in the shop is a crucial time in a new technician’s career. A well-structured mentorship program can help set new technicians up for a long, successful career in the industry and within your shop.

In this roundtable, we discussed how some of the top shops and dealerships across the country structure their mentorship programs for technicians. Discussion topics included:

  • The importance and purpose of a mentorship program for technicians
  • The components of a successful mentorship program
  • Where mentorship programs fall short
  • Easy steps shops can take to start a technician mentorship program


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Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay 
Phil Nightingale
General Manager, 
Mel Hambelton Ford
Beth Rutter
Collision Industry Professional,
E.A. Rutter Consulting
Kathy Cameron
Fixed Ops Director, 
Ed Martin Auto Group