Technician Onboarding — Setting Up Your Techs for Success

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Webinar Description

Most shops think they have a good onboarding process in place for technicians. However, according to a WrenchWay Insiders poll, 92% of technicians replied their shop’s onboarding process was average at best, with over half rating the process as below average or worse.

A shop’s onboarding process can make or break a technician’s experience in a new shop. A good onboarding process should acclimate the technician to their new role, the shop’s culture, and set them up for long-term success in the shop.

In this roundtable, we discussed how shop owners/managers and HR can structure technician onboarding to create an experience for new technicians that will boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.


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Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay 
Garrick Weaver 
Director of HR, 
Penn Power Group  
John Flick
Qyst Tire & Auto  
Chad Nichols
Service Manager, Broadway Automotive